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Online education is here to stay. HMBookstore is offering a seamless learning experience to support your transition into teaching online. It doesn't matter if you have asynchronous classes, hybrid or regular classes, our courses being accessible anywhere anytime on most devices, students can take full advantage of online learning.

Our Academic Solutions offer a range of courses for hotel school students. The courses fall into three categories: hotel ownership, hotel management, and frontline positions.

The hotel ownership courses include a broad selection of real estate and ownership topics, including hotel development, acquisition, renovation, debt financing, equity financing, market and feasibility studies, appraisal, franchise agreements, management agreements, asset management, and portfolio management.

The hotel management courses explain the roles and responsibilities of the General Manager and each of the department heads, as well as general topics pertaining to hotel management, such as technology trends, critical conversations, and a variety of legal matters.

Finally, there are courses that explain each of the frontline positions in a hotel.

Most of the courses contain multiple books. Each book is followed by a quiz. The quiz questions are randomized so that they are displayed in a different order for each student. What's more, course instructors can track each student's quiz scores as well as their progress through each course.


  • 100+ courses created by hotel industry professionals
  • Extensive document library to assist with daily hotel operations
  • Quizzes to enhance and assess student learning
  • Reporting component for tracking your students' progress
  • Training videos
  • Mobile responsive
  • Allow students to learn at their own speed
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Reinforce and enhance skills
  • Easily translatable to necessary industry skills
  • Increase value to hospitality employers
  • Cross-train students in multiple positions

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Hotel Subscriptions

Our Hotel Subscription products are intended for both full service and limited service hotels. It includes full access to our online learning library and reporting to monitor your staff's progess.

Individual Subscription

Our Individual Subscription products are intended for indiduals who are looking for that career advancement they deserve.