Dining Subscriptions

Dining Subscription

Our Dining Subscription product offers a range of courses for restaurant owners, managers, and staff. The books are targeted at both freestanding restaurants and lounges. Owners and managers benefit from books that treat topics like menu engineering, cost control, and the different types of wine and beer. And there are courses for training each of the frontline positions in a restaurant, ranging from greeters, to chefs, to wait staff, and bartenders. Owners and managers are able to track their employees progress through the courses, including their scores on the quizzes that follow each section of a course. And everyone receives a certificate of completion upon finishing each course.

Managers optimize the skills required to run their departments more effectively and gain multi-disciplinary knowledge that enables them to increase sales, which results in increased profit. By completing the frontline courses, employees are already significantly trained when they start their position, and cross-training enables to them to fill different roles when need be. They also have the service skills required to make sure customers feel appreciated and continue to stay your customer. What’s more, frontline staff appreciate employers who are willing to invest in their training. As a result, they are less likely to leave, which decreases the cost and disruption associated with employee turnover.


  • 100+ position and department specific courses created by industry professionals.
  • Extensive document library to help with daily processes.
  • Quizzes within each course to enhance and test your learning.
  • Certification for every course completed.
  • Reporting component for tracking your employees’ progress.
  • View each hotel you operate in real time
  • Training videos
  • Mobile ready
  • Train multiple employees at the same time
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Reinforce and enhance skills
  • Increase value of the asset
  • Increase value to employers
  • Cross-train employees for other positions

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